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On the Potter's Wheel

Unit: On the Potter's Wheel Lessons in Christian Discipleship God's Word, The Bible, represents mankind as being flawed by sin and in need of repair. In Genesis, we read that Adam's sin of disobedience led to the corruption of the entire human race. God, in His mercy, provided for our redemption from a life of slavery to sin through Jesus' sinless life and sacrificial death. It is imperative that Christian young people learn the biblical view of man in order to realize how incapable we are to make ourselves good. The youth of today need the Master Potter to prepare and mold the impure clay of their lives to make them fit for His Kingdom. In these active Bible lessons, Christian teenagers learn how God, the Master Potter, can take the impure and flawed clay of their lives and transform them into beautiful, useful vessels. Young people are incapable of pleasing God without His help. By accepting God's plan of salvation and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit, every member of your Sunday school class or youth group can become what God designed them to be. Each lesson can be purchased individually for $3, or SAVE $2 when you purchase this Unit of FOUR lessons for $10. After each unit or lesson is paid for using our "Safe and Secure" payment systems, you will be sent an email. In the email there will a URL link to a page from which you will be able to download your purchases. You will have up to 3 days to download your lessons. Click on the below "Titles" to see their specific descriptions.


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UNIT of 4 lessons: "On the Potter’s Wheel - Christian Discipleship"

When this unit is purchased, you will be able to download it with all 4 lessons in one MS Word document file.  Click on the above title to read more about this unit of study.

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Lesson 1: I am Clay in the Master's Hands

This study details God's plan of salvation and how all young people can have eternal life through accepting Jesus Christ as Savior.

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Lesson 2: The Master Potter Mends the Flaws

This Bible lesson helps young people understand some of the dynamics of temptation and offers biblical strategies for successfully resisting them.

Our price: $3.00
Lesson 3: The Master Potter Refines my Life for Service

This Bible study gives youth the assurance that God will use the difficulties of life to make them more like Christ.

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Our price: $3.00
Lesson 4: God Provides Everything we Need to Grow and Serve

This Bible lesson helps Christian young people understand the importance of Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

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